Discover yourself and open up a world that has been hiding in plain sight. Would you like to follow your intuition and act on inspiration? Do you want to increase your motivation in your work and daily life? I can lead you in reinventing yourself, by addressing and winning your fears and concerns. Let’s start together on this amazing journey!
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Reaching happiness with a life coach

I am a certified NLP life coach and my sessions are held in English, Italian and Spanish. You can enjoy my programs at my studio based in Amsterdam or through phone calls. I usually work with a one-to-one coaching method, by providing you with a path tailored to your personal troubles and goals.

Coaching is about moving someone through a transformation and this takes time. My sessions are aimed to improve your happiness and make you feel good. Why are you still waiting? Book your free session now!

Achieve your self-realization and satisfaction

Have you lost your goals? What you’ve established until now doesn’t fulfill you anymore? Are you going through a life crisis or transition? Your life coach in Amsterdam can help you to make a change.

Do you feel alone? Let’s spark again your hope in finding your soulmate and allow someone in your life. You just need the key to access your true potential. Reach out if:

  • Life isn’t exciting anymore.
  • You feel stuck/confused with your life or you feel overwhelmed.
  • You have to make an important decision and you don’ t know what to choose.
  • Low energy is your daily problem.
  • Motivation is missing in your work.
  • Relationships don’t work out anymore.
  • Your heart is broken after a separation.

A path exists for everyone: find it with me

Come with me now on this amazing journey into discovering yourself. Happiness, self-realization, elevation, awareness, peace, success: whatever is your final destination, you will achieve it with your professional life coach. Your path exists and I’ll help you to find it. Contact me now to find out more: my programs are tailored to your needs.
I found Daniela through online searches and… I couldn’t have not found anyone better than her! Of course for me the fact that we speak the same language is a plus.. just another plus of all the other positive aspects. I was a bit stuck and I needed someone to help me and guide me through a change or the beginning of a change. I needed something new and different, another approach. And this was the best I could find! She is very professional, committed, passionate, and also very funny. She has a big heart and takes your matter to the next level. By the means of very practical tips – exactly what I needed!- and amazing exercises that make you aware of all the tools yourself have to solve your problems.. at least to start changing! I took the 7 meetings package and now that I have only one left, I’m a bit sad ( in a positive way) bit also ready to go! I discovered so many things that make me happy.. t was so say, I just needed someone to help me see! Highly recommended.
Chiara Di Falco

Entrepreneur, Amsterdam

Daniela is a wonderful coach, she made me aware of my limiting beliefs, and helped me to change perspective. And all of this in a cozy environment, sitting on a comfi couch and drinking coffee 🙂 Even though I am a therapist too, and I do a lot of inner work, her help was absolutely needed for solving some problems in my private life!
Marianna Kocsany

Psychologist, Amsterdam

I was depressed and lost and didn’t know what to do. Then I found Daniela and it has been a fantastic journey.. she totally understood what to do and how to guide me to the Happiness again with her way to talk to me and following her tips and exercises I totally found my self and my confidence in everything. She is the best thing you need if in need or lost!!!!❤️

Marcello Gigante

Chef, Amsterdam

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