My name is Daniela Russo and I am a life coach in Amsterdam. Over the past years, I have supported hundreds of people to find more clarity in their life and reconnect with themselves, increasing the sense of confidence and trust in their own abilities. I have worked with entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, coaches, teachers and people from different backgrounds.

I can help you understand yourself better, recognise the patterns that are blocking you and overcome them. You will learn how to make better choices and achieve a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

The sessions are held in English, Spanish and Italian.


The purpose of life coaching is for you to become more peaceful and happy, to feel more of your good feelings and be more comfortable with the bad ones. Over the course of 3 months you will learn that you are far more in control of your own happiness than you ever thought possible. You will learn to make small changes in the way you feel, think and act and you will come to realize that these small changes can make a huge difference.

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A life coach can help when you:

“Daniela is a wonderful coach and came up with great session activities that dove into my problem areas along with very relevant exercises for me to do at home. I feel that she’s helped me with my growth and could not recommend her enough!”
Issa Gruber, Human Resources, Amsterdam.


In order to be happy MIND, EMOTIONS, ENERGY AND BODY have to be in harmony and need to go at the same speed, like the wheels of a car.

We will work on your mind by exposing the unconscious beliefs that are blocking you and explore what is really important for you. We will work on your emotions and energy level through guided meditations, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

For physical wellbeing I will help you to find exercises and practices especially suited for your situation.

“Daniela has been very helpful a during a hard time of my life. Via her coaching I have learned how to be more confident in my daily life and how to put myself before others. I’m glad I have met her and I can recommend her 100%”
Paola Casti, Sales Manager, Amsterdam
  • Clarity on what you want
  • Finding your core values
  • Reconnecting with yourself
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Exposing and controlling your negative thoughts
  • Re-discovering what makes you happy
  • Appreciating what you have
  • Becoming more excited about life
  • Facing daily problems in a different way, without insecurities
  • Improving your relationships
  • More fulfillment in your life
Certified Life Coach


This is what happened when I got an epiphany moment and I changed my life totally in line with my core values!

My name is Daniela. I am a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® (NLP) and I am here to help you find back your motivation and happiness.

“Daniela is a wonderful coach, she made me aware of my limiting beliefs, and helped me to change perspective. And all of this in a cozy environment, sitting on a comfi couch and drinking coffee 🙂 Even though I am a therapist too, and I do a lot of inner work, her help was absolutely needed for solving some problems in my private life!”

Marianna Kocsany, Psychologist, Amsterdam


I also offer online coaching. Due to covid-19, online coaching has developed rapidly and people start to feel more comfortable behind their laptop or phone camera. This also means I can coach people living in other cities and countries.

When you choose for online coaching, the sessions will take place through Zoom or Skype. Once you have requested a free introductory call, you will receive a confirmation via email and instructions on how to connect to the online session.

The process and length of the sessions are the same as the face-to-face program.


As a motivation coach I can help you better assess your current situation. In this way you will have a better understanding of how to move forward.

Sometimes it can be difficult to look at your situation objectively. Maybe you need someone who helps you setting clear goals to accomplish something that you haven’t been able to do on your own. 

I can help you create an action plan and track your progress, encouraging you along the way.