Why getting a life coach. Every January we set resolutions for the new year and we feel super motivated to be our best selves: sport more, eat healthier, create more time for what we like.
And yet, somewhere from January to December, a lot of those goals get lost, forgotten. Year after year.

But here’s my challenge to you: make this year a different kind of year. The year where you become the self-loving, confident, dream-living being you’ve always wanted to be. But to get there…you need to do something different.
You need to hire a life coach.

Well, when you think you want something but in some way you cannot reach it, it is mostly because you have limiting beliefs working at unconscious level that tell you all the time: you’re not going anywhere. Now, I know often we want to do everything on our own. Instead of hiring a personal trainer, we find workouts on youtube. Instead of going to a hairstylist, we watch several YouTube tutorials, and a mirror and scissors will do. But when it comes to systematically transforming your whole life, self-help books aren’t comprehensive enough to give you all the guidance you need. Plus, there is something special about having that one person in your life. That one life coach who believes in you and can see the bigger picture and who will always remind you to stay true to what your heart really wants out of life.

And that’s exactly what I want to be…for you!

So if you’re reflecting on last year and feeling anxious or burned out or tired about not making enough progress, and you’re ready to step into a fundamentally new version of yourself in the new year…I’m ready to help.

Why come to me?

1. I’ve walked your path… and made it through.

2. I will help you set concrete goals in line with your unique purpose in life,
and learn how to measure your own growth.

3. I keep you accountable…and that means you will make progress.

4. I set up experiences with you.

What makes life coaching and therapy different? With therapy you walk into a room, lay back in a chair and talk about your problems. Life coaching is more than that. Some sessions can take place in the “real world”. For example, when you work with me, you might…
…call me on the phone when you don’t feel motivated about doing something and you can call me every time until this particular thing becomes part of your routine and you don’t need that phone call anymore!
…take me to the bar if you have anxiety in meeting new people. I can help you going through your thoughts on the spot, talk to that guy/girl, using the communication skills we’ve worked on…and when you come back to our table, we process what happened, and celebrate your progress together.

5. We focus on establishing habits, not “quick fixes.”
For example, I teach you how to breathe correctly, meditate, make food that’s right for you, interact effectively to get what you want.

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