I was born in the South of Italy from parents who really believed in strict education. I grew up with only one goal: to study as much as possible. There was little space for playing and having fun: my only focus was studying and finding the best job. I was never allowed to be myself and do what I really wanted.
I studied law and I became a successful tax lawyer. I started to work at tax implications for mergers and acquisitions. The satisfaction of achieving that goal didn’t last long. I realized very soon I was not happy. After few years I decided I needed a change.
I went to work for humanitarian aid organizations with the idea of contributing to saving the world. I traveled many years to South America, Africa and Asia. I was convinced it would finally fulfil me, but again, I was not completely satisfied.
Happiness Coach
Then I thought that having a family and kids would fill the gap, but still, I was not totally fulfilled. Once I reached all the goals that I thought would make me happy, I realized that this was not my path

After many years of therapy I found out that my sense of solitude and emptiness was caused by the unconscious belief that I was not good enough.
Once I achieved this awareness, I started to be fascinated by how the human mind works, I studied books and attended several courses to become a life coach.

The moment I decided to change my career from lawyer to coaching I didn’t get much support from friends and family. Most of them thought I was crazy to change career at the age of 41 and they tried to discourage me. I had a period of panic and doubts about myself.

Meditation was the final step. I broke through my limiting beliefs and whatever else other people thought. I found the peace and balance that I was looking for all my life. In this path of personal development, I finally found the mission of my life: to share all what I learned with others and inspire them in their search for fulfillment.

If you want to know more about my journey listen to this episode of the podcast Het Motorblok.


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