A happiness coach to achieve your goals

Years ago, I went to therapy for a long time and found out that my sense of solitude and emptiness was caused by the unconscious belief that I was not good enough. Once I achieved this awareness, I started to be fascinated by how the human mind works, I studied books and attended several courses.

In this path of personal development, I finally found the mission of my life: to be a life and happiness coach, to help people in searching for their true potential and embrace awareness. That’s why I’m a happiness coach today. Do you want to find out more? Schedule now your free session!

My life saved by a happiness coach

I was born in the South of Italy from parents who really believed in strict education. I grew up with only one goal: to study as much as possible. There was little space for playing and having fun: my only focus was studying and finding the best job. I was never allowed to be myself and do what I really wanted.

After my graduation, I became a successful lawyer, but still, I was not happy. Then I went to work for humanitarian aid organizations with the idea of contributing to saving the world. I was convinced it would finally fulfill me, but still, I was missing something.

Then I thought that having a family and kids would fill the gap, but again, I was not completely satisfied. Once I reached all the goals that I thought would make me happy, I realized that this was not my path. So, I decided to get help from a happiness coach: this was my first right decision.

My certifications

  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming┬«
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Life coach (INEMLA)
  • Social and Emotional and Intelligence coach (INEMLA)
  • Organization and Relationship System Coaching Fundamentals (ICF)
  • The Knowledge Business Blueprint (Tony Robbins)
  • Positive Intelligence Coaching Program
  • Reiki Practitioner Level I & II

There are periods in life when you feel dissatisfied from multiple points of view, in work, in feelings, in relationships with the family and others. It is in these phases that relying on an experienced coach can help you get out of the “swamp” from which you are not able to go out alone. Daniela is a wonderful person, full of positive energy, an expert and able to follow you step by step in the complex path of self-knowledge, in understanding your true goals, your strengths and the one to work on to achieve a clear improvement of your life, helping you to plan an effective strategy to achieve success, ie the pursuit of your goals, gaining greater confidence in your abilities. With me it worked great. I feel reborn, I found energy and desire to do things. I look at my life with different eyes. Thanks, Daniela!



I was full of fears and insecurities and thanks to Daniela I found confidence in myself. Thanks!



Daniela is a person who can deeply listen to you. She can build a constructive relationship with you quickly, with the right amount of empathy. By questioning you often she can bring out the best in you.


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