Reality changes according to your perception! Don’t trust your judgement!

There once was a king who fell in love with a lower class woman named Sabrina. He transformed her life and made her his queen.
One afternoon the king was out drinking and a messenger arrived to inform the queen that her mother had fallen ill. She knew it was forbidden to use the king’s carriage, the punishment was death, but she got in anyways and rode straight to her mother.

When the king was later informed of the situation he said,
-Isn’t it incredible? The woman risked her life. She didn’t hesitate. She went straight to her mother. Incredible.

Perception – The next day

The next day Sabrina was picnicking in the palace gardens. When the king arrived, she greeted him and pulled the last item from her basket, a peach, and offered the king a bite.

-Delicious! he said.
-I know, said the queen, and extending her arm, she gave him the rest.

She loves me so much! the king later commented to his friends.
Denying herself the last delicious peach… wow.

Years passed and the king’s love and passion faded.
One night as he was passing time drinking with his friends, he commented, ‘She’s hardly regal.. can you believe how she stole my carriage, and what kind of queen offers her king a mere bite of some fruit.

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