Let’s explore Circling together

Date: Wednesday, 18th of January 2023

Time: 19:30 – 21:30

In this evening you will get to experience the magic of Circling led by Ralf Westerhof, an experienced facilitator and Hypnotherapist.

What is Circling?

Circling is a dynamic group process. It gives you the experience of “being seen” for who you really are. Many people have never felt truly seen, which can be very isolating. When you’re deeply seen for both your unique gifts and beauty – and the shadow parts you usually keep hidden – you effortlessly become comfortable in your own skin. Circling reveals your “blind-spots” – the inconsistencies between who you think you are and how you actually show up. Rather than talking about the weather, the news, or a mutual friend, we root our attention in the present moment. It’s about being really curious about ourselves, each other, and our dynamic. It’s about wondering what’s it like to be you and being willing to be surprised by the answer. It’s a sort-of conversational meditation. And like meditation, we do it with acceptance, not trying make anything happen (no need to fix or change anyone), and being as present as possible to this moment.

What is Circling for:

  • Communicating more effectively with your partner, friends and colleagues
  • Having more connection and love in your life
  • Gaining the confidence and skill to connect more deeply with people
  • Having more meaningful conversations
  • >Overcoming social anxiety

Without striving for a specific outcome together, we move along organically with what presents itself. As a result, every Circle is different and surprising, often with the result that our realities are woven and a sense of authenticity and unity is experienced.

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