I want to make sure you understand the value of this tool. 

This tool is basically designed to get you focused on the direction you want to point your life. 

In this crazy busy world where we have too much, we have opportunity overload. We can go down so many different paths, but really there’s only a few things in our life that really move the needle towards where we really want to go, not when we’re being guided by so many outside forces. 

Why I love to do it at the beginning of every program? 

To really set the intention and get you laser focused where you want to go.

In a world where we’re always looking where we don’t want to go, this is the tool that’ll get you to sit up and go. 

Let’s start with your current status. 

That’s really where you are. 

You see, if you have a desire to go someplace, even if you’re in your car and you have GPS, you need a starting point. 

And for me the starting point is so important because it’s the truth. 

You clicked on this course for a reason. 

Maybe you don’t know what you are good at and what makes you happy. Maybe you hate the job you’re in. Maybe you want to make an impact on the world. 

All change starts with honesty. You could be feeling pain and the people that are in your group are feeling pain too.

They’re uncomfortable in a certain area of their lives, and this is the tool that extracts it and exposes it. It’s like a cut, rip off the Bandaid, expose the cut, put salt on it, feel it because pain sometimes causes movement. Probably you’ve done more in your life out of avoiding pain than you have for pleasure.

So what this tool does is: We’re going to start with where are you. The truth, your current situation. What are the pain points? Why are you here? You don’t know what your next step in life should be? Do you want to find a purpose? Do you want to find a partner? Do you want more time for you? Do you want to work on your health? Do you want to get in better shape? Do you want to fix your relationship? Are you seeking a career change and you need some guidance?

Whatever it is, you are here for a reason and this is the tool to extract it and I am going to push you to tell the truth. Don’t say, Oh, I just want to open my business. No, I’m behind on my mortgage and I hate being late or I have no money in savings or I want money for my children in case the world goes to hell. This is where I want to encourage you to tell the truth.


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