A confidence coach can help you stop doubting yourself and your abilities. You can learn how to set clear boundaries​, not taking things personally and feel freer, happier and more fulfilled in your life and your career.

You need a confidence coach when you:


Confidence is the feeling of trusting yourself. When you have confidence you do and say what you want and basically you feel that you are not a victim of the circumstances. Confidence is knowing that whatever happens …. you and not the external circumstances are in control.


To gain confidence you should build trust with yourself. There are few ways to build trust. One of them is by making a promise to yourself and then keeping it. You can start with something small. Something that is really simple that you know that you’re going to deliver on. 

Celebrate when you accomplish that thing and acknowledge it. Say out of loud that you were gonna do it and you did it. In this way you will build that credibility with yourself. 

When the next time that negative voice comes, you can remind yourself of the times that you actually did it. You are going to believe yourself. You are going to build that credibility with yourself. You will think of a number of times where you said you were going to do it and you actually did it. This is really the key. You can always earn credibility. You can start today.


self esteem


Self-esteem means you accept yourself just the way you are. Sometimes it’s hard to feel good about yourself because you compare yourself to others around you. Everyone is completely unique. Even identical twins are unique. Everyone has different styles, skills, and abilities. Comparing yourself to people who are different in all those ways is exhausting and you will never win that game. 


How to boost self esteem? Instead of focusing on other people, why not figure out what you can do and focus on being the best version of yourself possible? If you compare your abilities or your appearance with that of others means that your sense of happiness depends upon the fact that everybody is doing worse than you. 

Do you want to live a life where you feel great only when everybody is doing badly? Unfortunately in our culture since we are children we are taught that we have to be the best at school, in sport etc. And in this way we think self esteem means being better than others. This comparaison happens only with humans. Imagine this would happen in nature: a rose wanting to smell better than a jasmine, an ant wanting to be better than a grasshopper. Ridiculous, isn’t it? 

If you observe nature, you will see that everything is perfect the way it is. And so are you. Learn to appreciate your beauty. Focus on what you are good at. Be in love with who you are and you will lose your sensitivity to what others think because there is a higher priority to you. This is the best way to boost your self esteem.


Having good self esteem can definitely help you through difficult situations in life. ​You are more positive, have a sense of purpose and are more optimistic about situations. Thus more likely to face challenging and difficult situations instead of hiding away. 

When your self esteem is high it’s so much easier to tackle challenges. You are more at ease in stepping out of your comfort zones and taking action. You are more likely to accept challenges and deal with problems because you have confidence in your abilities. You know you can work through it. 

When things go wrong, you may get down but by having a good level of self esteem you won’t stay down. It’s about getting back up and carrying on, and not being a quitter.

When your self-esteem is good you see the positives more than the negatives. This motivates you and gives you the determination to attempt the things you wouldn’t have attempted before.

Having faith in yourself and your actions makes you more optimistic that things will turn out for the best.


Confidence coaching is meant to learn to better control your emotions, to overcome fears & limiting beliefs, as well as improve your communication skills.

By the end of the coaching process you will care less about what others think of you and you will face daily challenges with ease.

Confront your fears

Fear and anxiety stem mainly from a lack of practice or a lack of knowledge. When you practice something many times you are not scared anymore (e.g. you don’t fear crossing a busy street even if it is dangerous, if you have done it many times ). 

Building confidence starts from confronting your fears. Start small and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try getting familiar with things you don’ t understand and they won’t scare you anymore.

Appreciate your strenghts

We search for the flaws in other people and prefer to criticize. We are instinctively drawn to negativity and we don’ t treat ourselves any differently. Your confidence relies on your ability to focus on your talents, achievements and advantages. 

By just spending a few minutes a day reminding yourself about appreciating your strengths you can build the confidence you have been looking for.  

Help someone

By simply putting out the effort to help someone else, you know you matter for that person and no one can take it away from you. Helping someone can provide you with a sense of purpose, relieve stress and inject positivity in your life. 

Stop comparing

With access to countless pictures of beautiful people and amazing lifestyles it is easy to start comparing yourself to others. Stop it! You will never be them. You will only be you. Embrace the gifts you have and use them to the fullest like only you can.


During 3 months we will work on your confidence. We will work on your mind by exposing the unconscious beliefs that are blocking you and how to switch to more positive thoughts.

We will work on your confidence through tests, exercises, guided meditations, breathing and relaxation techniques. 

Coaching sessions are conducted in person or online in English, Italian or Spanish.

In the introductory session, we will talk about the results you would like to achieve, how you want to feel, and what you want to experience when you get to the place you would like to be.

During the call, I evaluate if my coaching program is what you need or if a different path is more appropriate for you. In case we decide to continue, we will focus on the area(s) of your life that you want to change, creating a plan and defining the next steps for the transformation you desire.

NB: One of the most common misconceptions about life coaching is that it is a kind of therapy. It is not. A life coach doesn’t replace a psychologist. Consider therapy if you experience mental health symptoms that cause distress in your life (i.e., anxiety, depression, trauma, disordered eating). Consider life coaching if you want to challenge yourself or break out of your comfort zone.

One-to-one program
800 Euro + VAT
7 sessions one-to-one X 1 hour
Bonus: follow up call
Single session
150 Euro + VAT
1 session one-to-one X 1 hour