Discover your passion

10th of January 2021. 17h-19h.

📣 LIMITED SPOTS to guarantee 1,5m distance!
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Whether your life purpose is clear or you want to be clearer, this workshop will provide a powerful tool for putting you on track to a more fulfilled and more complete life. The clearer your passions, the surer are your chances of realising them.

Who among us doesn’t know that living our passion is the key to a happy and fulfilled life? The trick for many people, though, is figuring out what their passion really is.
This inspiring session will help you bring clarity into what you want by getting clear on who you are.
Not just any direction will do, and therein lies the challenge.

You are unique and you have something special to offer to the world. Discover how to use your uniqueness to add values to the lives of others.
I will guide you to discover your unique gift through talks, exercises and a guided meditation.
As a result you will walk away knowing more of who you really are and in full alignment with your soul.

Where will the Discover your passion workshop take place

The workshop will take place in an amazing location with piano + pianist who will play LIVE during our guided meditation.
👉 Spend a magic evening with a group of beautiful souls in a sensational location. A very intimate atmosphere will be created, with candles illuminating the room.
Looking forward to bringing a community of beautiful souls together!

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Daniela Russo is a Happiness Coach based in Amsterdam. She helps people to connect with themselves and find back their motivation.

What participants say:

“During this session, Daniela gives you an understanding of how coaching works and offers a simple but effective tool to help you spot the areas of your life that need attention. She is very spontaneous and able to put you at ease. Also interesting how the group of participants had some common stories which helps to have another point of view on life’s events.”

“Very nice and interesting life coaching class. The environment was relaxed and it felt very safe. With a very simple coaching game we were able to take some moments to think and analyze our desires in life. Of course just one session it’s not enough to resolve life issues however this type of classes might be a good start for people feeling demotivated during a period in their life. Thank you Daniela for making me and the whole group feeling so comfortable!”