Fear and Growth: how to stretch toward success.

Just before a major breakthrough there is always something scary about it. Think about the first day of school, the first date, the first time you speak in public. What kind of emotion did you feel? Anxiety or something like that? Every time there’s an opportunity to make a choice toward something that scares you there is growth. If you think that people who have been successful have had it easy, you are wrong. People think that they are lucky, that everything happened magically. And it didn’t. Everything takes courage. Put yourself on the line and stretch yourself toward the direction you want to go, one small step at a time, one small choice at a time. One choice here, one choice there, in a month, six months, one year, five years, these small six choices will turn into a big change. And people will ask you: how did you make it this far? You will say: “I was afraid, but little by little I gained courage and I made small choices”. If you ask any successful person, no one had it easy. Everyone took risks and everyone put themselves on the line. They have this in common.

Knowledge without action is useless. If you read a book on body building, you don’t get the muscles. When you know the exercises you have to do, you have to go to the gym to get muscles: Weightlifting.

Do this exercise and answer these questions:

What are your insights on the road ahead?

And what could be this little step, this little choice that you can make right now?

Watch the video in Italian with English subtitles.

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