Audrey was frustrated about work and her romantic life. A lot of limiting beliefs and low self worth were preventing her from acting.


Client: Audrey

Duration of coaching: 4 months

Objective: to get more confidence in herself and mindset to push herself outside of her comfort zone and try new things. To make herself more open to opportunities and experiences without fear of failure and rejection. To understand the repeating patterns in her life and how to stop them.

Process: Tailored exercises and tools around:

  • Identifying negative patterns (People pleaser. Attempting to gain acceptance and affection by helping, pleasing and flattering others. Lost sight of her own needs. Inability to express her needs openly and directly).
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-sabotage thoughts: “To be a good person I should put the needs of others ahead of my own”. “It bothers me when people don’t notice what I have done for them”.
  • Confidence building
  • Getting in touch with her values: risk taking, adventure and empowerment.

Results as reported by client:

  • Clarity on negative patterns
  • Ability to switch from negative thoughts to more positive ones.
  • Shift of perspective on life, new sense of purpose
  • Increased confidence and motivation

Coaching sessions with Daniela were tremendously helpful. I felt heard, understood and always came away with clarity of knowing exactly what I needed to do.