Group life coaching programs are different than just going to an event, or just going through a course. Because you can leave with such powerful wisdom from someone who’s already done it, that sometimes it’s just one thing. Or maybe three things max, that if you implement, you will have a massive shift in your life, your health, your love affair. Because they’re so foundational. They’re so embedded in actual success, and not theory. That’s the reason group life coaching programs are so powerful.

We will take all the notes you’ve took in your notebook, and physically write down the ideas that can impact your life and your future success the most.

What would be the first action? And then what is the start date? What could this mean to you? Who can help you accomplish it?

This is an amazing tool that will give you a simple step by step blueprint on what to do after the program. For every idea, you have the first action you have to take with it, the start date, and the projected value this action will bring to your life. I don’t want people to leave the program with a laundry list of things to do. By going through this exercise you will have clarity on the most important items and how you can implement it.

You will leave with one or two game changing ideas for your life.

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