Join a Group Life Coaching Session in Amsterdam to check if Life Coaching is something for you.

Whether you have to make an important decision, or you are looking for a solution to a specific problem, or you are tired of relationships that don’t work, or you are burnt out at work, this coaching session is for you.

Join this Group Life Coaching session if you want:

1. To take a step back from your daily routine
2. To look at various issues from different perspectives
3. To explore and express inner thoughts and feelings
4. To get inspired to see things differently.

The session is in English and it will be led by Daniela Russo, life coach passionate about supporting people in reflecting on their lives, choosing a vision for the future, and imagining their path, in very concrete ways.

Each week we explore different coaching tools to help you create the life you want.

FREE for Onefit and ClassPass members.

NB: Following the class, each participant will be offered the opportunity to receive a one-to-one coaching session.

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What participants say:

“I really enjoyed this session with Daniela. It was such a warm meeting. I liked the exercise – it helped me self-reflect – a super nice wayto decompress at the end of the working day. I recommend going to this session if you want to gain a new perspective on your life”.

“Elke sessie is een ander thema: dit keer ging het over limiting believes en hoe je die kan omzetten tot iets positiefs. Vond het leerzaam engaf me weer inzichten. Dank je wel Daniella, het is trouwens in Engels.”

“Great session where a helpful tool is provided to get you on track.”

“During this session, Daniela gives you an understanding of how coaching works and offers a simple but effective tool to help you spot the areas of your life that need attention. She is very spontaneous and able to put you at ease. Also interesting how the group of participants had some common stories which helps to have another point of view on life’s events.”

“Very nice and interesting life coaching class. The environment was relaxed and it felt very safe. With a very simple coaching game we were able to take some moments to think and analyze our desires in life. Of course just one session it’s not enough to resolve life issues however this type of classes might be a good start for people feeling demotivated during a period in their life. Thank you Daniela for making me and the whole group feeling so comfortable!”

“Nice social session.. feeling good hearing everyone’s perspectives and sharing as well”

“I was very curious about a life coaching session and I was positively impressed by Daniela who generously shared her experience and knowledge. Even though given only one hour time, she provided us with an exercise/ tool that will last for ever and will keep up bringing some clarity in what could be a difficult or cloudy period for a human being. I really appreciated the cozyness of the environment and I am sure I will be back to this session very soon!”

“What a great addition to the OneFit portfolio. ‘Fitness’ is not just about physical fitness, but mental and emotional fitness. Daniela’s course helps to promote a holistic approach to fitness.”