Happiness Secret #5: How to stimulate the neocortex brain

Happiness is a chemical mix. When your brain produces serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins you are happy.

To be happy you have to command your brain to produce these hormones. Simple to understand, right?

But how do we command our brain to produce these hormones? You have to stimulate the neocortex brain. Same as when you go to the gym.

If you want to develop your biceps you have to lift weights repeatedly. The neocortex equivalent of lifting a dumbbell is: shift your attention to your body and any of your 5 senses for at least 1 minute.

These simple exercises require and activate your wisdom brain.

Commanding yourself to stop being lost in thoughts and instead become aware of your physical sensations require neocortex.

In a scan of the brain you see certain parts of the brain activating when you focus on physical sensations.

These studies have shown that such exercise permanently rewires the brain by forming new neural pathways.

Just as you can’t develop your biceps by reading about body building, you cannot strengthen your neocortex through thinking & reading. 

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1.When you brush your teeth feel the vibrations of the tooth brush
2.When you have a shower feel the water on your skin, or the sound of the water.
3.Focus on your breathing when doing sport
4.Look around with attention when you are running.
5.While eating take a bite and close your eyes. Pay attention to the flavor of the food as you chew.
6.While listening to music: pick only one instrument.
7.While being with other people: look at the pupils, at the color of their eyes.

IMPORTANT: Any activity that focus for more than 1 minute on ONE of the five senses will do. Focus on one sensation at a time.

Exercise every day for at least 6 weeks. You will experience incredible changes.

Repeat each exercise 1 minute x 15 times per day.

Or any combination of that, for example: 5 minutes x 3 times per day. Or 2 minutes x 8 times per day. Etc..

Homework inquiries:
1.What will recharge my batteries? What is fun?

This question is important to understand what you like to do and when you feel happy. Once you identify which activities make you feel good, you should do more of it. Automatically you will stimulate your neocortex brain.

2.How can I contribute to my reserves of fun/leisure/balance/ resourcefulness/patience?

Once you identify what makes you feel good, make a plan and try to do every day something that gives you energy. It can be seeing a good friend, doing sport, dancing etc.

I hope you found this video series helpful and that you have practiced the principles and did the assignments I’ve shared. My greatest wish for you is that you start living greatly, create a life you adore and make our world a better place.

I hope to meet you in person!.