To develop a healthy mindset you should start to appreciate yourself and your efforts.

Successful people appreciate the efforts they put into their work or businesses or career. This boosts their morale and they are driven to put in more effort. As a life coach, I have come across people who always look down on themselves mostly because of very little things. This habit is a very big hindrance to boosting personal confidence. Personal criticism is the enemy of success. If you have formed a habit of this or you do it on some occasions, I advise that you stop it now before it gets too late.

Why a healthy mindset

When you are mean to yourself or you feel useless to the society, you may fall into depression. Getting out of this state is not an easy task. In most cases, these hateful feelings may be expressed by others towards us. They will affect how we feel but its effect on us will not be as much as that which comes from what we tell ourselves.

You have to work on building your confidence. You can start that from appreciating yourself. No matter how little you do, encourage yourself and train your mind to accept you and to do more. Being successful or wealthy, having a wonderful career or a perfect relationship, all has to do with the mindset we have. Having this mindset most of the time depends on our roots or our past experiences.

I have come across people who while growing up were not appreciated for the efforts they put in various aspects of their lives. They were despised because of one reason or the other. Their minds have accepted this treatment and thus guided them accordingly. With this attitude towards them, they do not see themselves as important in any way. I want you today to know that you deserve all the good things that happen to you, be it a successful career, or a wonderful partner. All this came as a result of the efforts you put in. And you have to appreciate yourself for that.

What you should do

If you want to appreciate yourself more, you have to start doing the things that make you happy. If there are gestures that you expect from people around you and you don’t get them, you can provide them for yourself. For instance, if you complete a milestone and no one is there you congratulate you, you can take that up yourself.  Maybe pouring yourself a glass of wine and tell yourself how well you did. It might not count as much, but it can help elevate your spirit and drive you to aim for more growth and achievements. I want you to realize that you can make yourself happy only if you appreciate the little things you do.

With these encouragements you give yourself, you can also extend a little to those around you. The best way to be satisfied with life is when you are able to share what you have with others. Not necessarily money or material things. You can also share your joys, happiness, and love. If you do not get enough encouragement from others, you can encourage others in their little endeavours.

How happy would you be seeing someone close to you happy? You will be able to create for others the things you didn’t have or experience.

On another note, you have to, as much as possible; avoid scenarios and or situations that could remind you of your ugly experiences or past. It is important to do this so that you find complete satisfaction in your endeavors. Because if you start thinking of the bad experiences you had and are not able to take your mind off them, you will have difficulty concentrating on your present happiness.

It is up to you

Constantly think of those things that keep you happy. It’s that simple. And looking at it, you are the major determining factor to your happiness, because you choose to think and do those things that make you happy. For the rest, it is your choice to let them go. The more you choose those things that make you happy, the more you increase your self-confidence and boost your morale. And if you believe in yourself and what you can achieve, it instigates those around you to believe in you and trust that you will succeed in whatever you undertake.

When you have achieved the happiness and satisfaction you so desired, be sure to savour every moment of celebrating this. Whether it is a personal congratulation and encouragement or from others, be sure to take it all in and be satisfied with the fact that you worked hard for it and you deserve it.


It is in your power to make yourself happy with the choices you make. Forget about the mistakes and disappointments of the past and be positively minded towards the future. You should do this having in mind that it grossly affects your happiness and by extension that of those around you. Fixate your mind on those things that keep you happy and appreciate yourself always for your endeavors and celebrate yourself when necessary.

Always have the belief in yourself and your ability to achieve whatever you set out to do it is an important key to be successful. If you do all these over time, you get used to them, and from here on, you will enjoy a smooth ride through life.

Do not forget that your brain works according to how you direct it and that it flows well with those things you are used to. For it to work towards making you successful, you have to program it by working on those things that will lead you to success. Remember, the process will not be easy but in the end, you will discover that it was worth it.

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