Today we talk about the importance of finding your tribe, your community. If you feel lonely, if you feel that no one understands you and you no longer find yourself with your lifelong friends, it is time to go out and find new friendships, because there is a whole community out there
of people who are waiting for you. How do I find these people? First of all you have to get out of the house, not stand in front of the computer and go looking for them.

Where is my tribe?

You need to be clear on what your interests are and what kind of people you want to find. For example, if you are interested in personal growth the best places to find people will be at meditation courses, breathing classes, yoga classes, mindfulness classes, personal development seminars en so on. I live in Amsterdam and here there are a whole series of online platforms that arrange meetings with people by interests (check I am part of all the personal development groups and I organize some of them. You must participate in person, go out of your house, go there and look for people. Other important thing once you get there: wear your best smile. NO to being shy, no to being obnoxious. You arrive there with an open, big smile and take the initiative to talk to people. Get involved, ask them questions and take an interest in them. When you are spontaneous and are authentic, people notice it.


  1. Make a list of interests.
  2. Where do you think you can find your community?

Are you willing to go there with an open heart and with a big smile and make new friends?

Watch the video in Italian with English subtitles.

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