How to get motivation to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

All of us have some tasks we don’t want to do.

Maybe we find them boring, time consuming or annoying. But still …. we have to do them. So how do you get motivated in these types of situations?

You’ve got to make a very uncomfortable phone call, you’ve got to do chores you don’t like, you have to do your administration.

You’re going to learn to do what you don’t want to do and to do it as first thing.

When you do it first, you actually start to feel very good with yourself all day because you’ve done it first. And when you delay it and put it off, it actually stops you from feeling good. It has the opposite effect, that feeling of dismay will stay with you.

When you give yourself a day off, you won’t think, “Oh, I should be doing that work.”

When you do what you don’t really want to do, when you take a day off, you’ve earned it. You can really enjoy it. You don’t feel guilty thinking “I should be doing this, I should’ve done that.”

Do what you don’t want to do first

The more you do what you don’t want to do first, the more you can absolutely enjoy your down time. You’ve really earned that time. You can have hours off and days off because you have earned it .

The more you do it, the easier it is. The easier it is the more you do it. It impresses you, it impresses people around you. And every day you motivate yourself, you inspire yourself. And every day you feel so much better.

You can even see yourself in your imagination going through that list and crossing things out because these are things you used to avoid.

You start doing first what you don’t want to do and then it just becomes easy.

When you say to yourself, “I hate doing that,” it becomes more difficult.

Exercise how to get motivation:

Write out a list with everything that you think you really dislike.

  • Is it going to the gym?
  • Is it doing your administration?
  • Do you not like to clean the house?
  • Is it asking for any kind of help?
  • Are you having difficulties to confront someone?
  • Is it taking a risk?

Start with the thing you tell yourself you hate the most, whatever is on that list is your least favorite, that is what you start with. Do that first. And even as you think about it, I want you to tell yourself, “I feel great when I do that first. Wow. Instead of feeling bad all day because I’m ignoring it and not even opening that e-mail, I go straight to it.

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