January 26
11 AM
In person and Online @ Growth Tribe

Do you struggle with motivation?
Do you struggle to get tasks started or finished?

Motivation is the driving force that leads to action. True motivation comes from within and no amount of persuasion, pushing or nagging can substitute it.

If you have trouble with how to be motivated, it could be that you have the wrong goals or are not emotionally connected to them or it can depend on other deeper causes.

In this workshop you will learn:

☑️ What drives motivation – when you shift your focus to understanding what you really want, you’ll discover how to stay motivated.

☑️ Useful self-motivation techniques.

☑️ Ask any questions you might have.

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Daniela Russo is a Life Coach based in Amsterdam. After a successful career as lawyer and more than 15 years working around the world in humanitarian aid organizations she decided to dedicate herself to the coaching business and help people in their quest of meaning. Daniela is certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®. She uses a combination of NLP techniques, tests, exercises and guided meditations. Over the past years, she has supported hundreds of people to find more clarity in their life and reconnect with themselves, increasing the sense of confidence and trust in their own abilities. She has worked with entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, coaches, teachers and people from different backgrounds.