Intuition… Do you have difficulty distinguishing between your head and your intuition?
Following Intuition is like following and listening to Pinocchio’s talking cricket.
It is like listening to your consciousness, it is like listening to that voice that is within you, the voice of the wise you.
Where is the talking cricket? From the neck down.
Normally we are used to relate with the head, from the neck up, because it is always our head that is talking. Talking, talking, talking.
We are used to listen to our head. We are used to be logical.
However, Intuition is not in the head.
Intuition is in the heart.

When you have to make a decision, you should try to listen to your heart and not to your head.

In the head resides fear. If you are afraid, you have to know that fear is a pattern of survival triggered by the brain. Fear is only in the brain.
The brain has fear. It makes you feel fear. The brain thinks that if you make that decision you are going to die. So, unless you really are going to die, you don’t have to trust your brain.
The brain does not distinguish between real danger and imaginary danger.
Therefore, unless it is a real situation of danger, do not follow your brain, but follow your heart.
Today’s exercise is to find five minutes to listen to one’s heart.
The heart speaks to you in small sentences: Yes, No. It’s worth it. Not worth it.


  1. Get into a comfortable position and touch the heart area. If you put your hands on your heart, you automatically move the awareness to the heart area, where your intuition can overcome fear and logic.
  2. Relax and tune in with your heart for a few minutes.
  3. Ask questions to your heart:
    “Heart, will you always tell me the truth?”. And listen to your heart for a couple of minutes.
    “Heart, have I always followed you?”. Listen to your heart for a couple of minutes.
    “Heart, Is it a good idea to do this thing? Or is it better to do this other thing?”  Listen to your heart for a couple of minutes.

Keep your eyes closed and keep making contact with your heart for few more minutes.

Watch the video in Italian with English subtitles for more details.

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