Is it time to get a life coach?

A person once asked me what it means to live a happy life. Well, if you will also ask me today, I will say the same thing I said then: “ You’ve got to be in control of your life by being in control of your mind.” Life is filled with pleasure and pain. I learned the importance of taking charge of my mind in order to achieve a happy and prosperous life I had always dreamed of. Your mind plays an important role in your daily experience. It determines a lot of things including your likes and dislikes.

Function of the Mind

One function of the mind is to store information about what gives you pain and pleasure. It sieves these causes based on how you feed it. Imagine someone scared of dogs. Maybe he had contact with a dog and the experience wasn’t pleasurable. The mind receives these information and make one steer clear of dog. The human mind absorbs information that one gives it. Therefore, you must be careful what information you give your mind and how you utilize it.

Moreover, certain steps must be taken by you to rule over your mind. One of such is to continually feed your mind positively. The mind is a vulnerable innermost part of man. It is a seat of power that cannot wield beyond what its owner feeds it. Whatever seems bad to you will be registered in your mind and thus, will always seem that way. Shakespeare stated: “Nothing is but thinking makes it so.”

Your continual declaration of negativity will soon become a reality. A job that seems boring and exerting to you will soon make you sick. Just like your mind will have to protect you from dogs years after you’ve had a terrible experience, it will perceive your job as a source of pain and makes you sick at it. Hence, the job becomes a painful experience. However, if you feed your mind positively by communicating the best thing your job can ever bring out of you, your job may become a source of pleasure. Hence, it may become more enjoyable and you become more productive and live life to the fullest.

Positive attitude

I have seen people with positive attitude towards what they plan for their lives and that way, all they wished for were greatly realised. Hence, to have a say over your mind, you need to keep your eyes lосkеd tо уоur life рlаn. We all hаvе рlаns ranging from wanting tо bе rich, ѕuссеѕѕful, hаvе lоtѕ of friеndѕ, gain the respect of others, and many more. It is, therefore, pertinent that we always remind ourselves all that we plan and aim to achieve. Putting our plans ahead of us will make it easy for our mind to work in line with all that we plan to achieve. Our plans make us create resolutions that our minds will hold on to dearly.

Setting up a goal is one way to activate your mind and make it register what you want to achieve to have a happy life. Remember, your mind will always feed you what you fed it. It only holds your thoughts and returns them when you need them. Your mind doesn’t plan by itself, neither will it decide how to bring you the happiness you so desire. You have to train it to achieve that.

One step I believe will greatly help in order to take charge of your mind is to have a life coach to guide you. The mind requires constant feeding with positivity in order to make it work out the happy life you so much desire. To achieve this, repetition is important. You have to repeatedly communicate the right things you want to see to your mind. Don’t be oblivious of the fact that life will always show its ugly face. However, when it does, you need to constantly be on your toes and proclaim what you want to see.

Challenges often make one lose interest in the most interesting things. Hence, the need for a life coach. One who will always be ready to motivate you when you lack all needed motivation to be in charge of your mind. A life coach helps fill the space the weak nature of individual cannot fill. S/he supports you and reminds you of all you need to do to keep your mind in check.

To have a happy life is not an impossible feat. Rather, it requires fortitude and persistency in constantly training your mind to hold on to the positive part of life. Personal motivation and constant renewal of your mind are needed to keep your mind at its best. And, if you don’t want to walk the path alone, it is time to get a life coach.

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