My name is Daniela Russo and I am a life coach. Over the past years, I have supported hundreds of people to find more clarity in their life and reconnect with themselves, increasing the sense of confidence and trust in their own abilities. I have worked with entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, coaches, teachers and people from different backgrounds.

I can help you understand yourself better, recognise the patterns that are blocking you and overcome them. You will learn how to make better choices and achieve a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

The sessions are held in English, Spanish and Italian.

What is coaching

Coaching is about identifying the obstacles that are blocking you, helping you find your motivation back, and pinpoint any resistance to change. By gaining a deeper understanding of the issue, whatever it may be, with as much clarity as possible, a path forward will automatically present itself. 

My role as coach is being an enabler of such deep understanding, whatever the specific question that you bring is going to be.

How does the process of coaching work

How does the process of coaching work? Change is never easy, particularly if you’ve been in the same situation for years. 

Being human, we have a preference for the familiar. Making a fundamental shift in your life can feel difficult. 

You have your own unique gifts and constraints that shape your particular situation. It is ultimately the richness of your own personal journey that creates new possibilities for the future.

My coaching program includes 7 x 60 minute sessions of one-to-one coaching that support you to:

— Look deeply at where you are today in your work-life

— Understand your values

— Uncover your unique blend of skills and experiences

— Understand what holds you back

— Find the confidence to initiate change

Case Studies

Amy was at a crossroad regarding her career and her life and she had to make a decision.
Jeroen had reached all his goals (becoming a doctor, obtaining a PhD, successfully completing multiple Master degree programs) but still he was not happy.
Audrey was frustrated about work and her romantic life. A lot of limiting beliefs and low self worth were preventing her from acting.
Adina found it very hard to advocate for herself. She was afraid to confront people and to speak up, especially at work.

For whom is life coaching interesting

A common misconception is you only seek out a Life Coach when you’re feeling ‘stuck’ or you’re in a bad place.

Life Coaching is different from therapy.

It’s important to know that Life Coaches also work with a variety of people who are happy, healthy and enjoying life BUT they desire more.

Often people who seek out a life coach want to know what it feels like to be fully alive and to truly realise their full potential.

Coaching can benefit you when you feel your life is not going in the direction you want. For example when you feel trapped in the wrong career, or you want to be more productive. Or when you experience lack of confidence, or you want to feel a sense of purpose in your life.

So if there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, life coaching could be a good fit for you.

Approach life coach Amersfoort

My approach as a life coach in Amersfoort is fundamentally about enabling self-knowledge. About enabling you to cut through the noise by more deeply understanding yourself and your world. It is such clarity that becomes the fertile ground for personal growth and change. To have more confidence and impact in everything you do.

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

At the moment life coaching sessions for Amersfoort take place online through Zoom or Skype. Since the corona crisis virtual services are becoming more common every day. This applies to coaching as well. Some advantages of online coaching:

  • Online coaching can be done from anywhere you wish. All you need is a quiet place, a smartphone or laptop and internet access. 
  • It is easier to schedule sessions, there is no travelling needed, time is being saved and you don’t have to take extra time off from work.
  • You can choose a coach who lives on the other side of the country, or even in another country.

If you wish to have sessions in person you can visit my studio in Amsterdam.


During 3 months we will work on your mind, emotions and energies. We will work on your mind by exposing the unconscious beliefs that are blocking you and how to switch to more positive thoughts. We will find out through various exercises what your core values are and your passions.

We will work on your emotions and energies through guided meditations, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Coaching sessions are conducted in person or online in English, Italian or Spanish.

One-to-one program
800 Euro
7 sessions one-to-one X 1 hour
Bonus: follow up call
Single session
150 Euro
1 session one-to-one X 1 hour


About Amersfoort

Amersfoort is famous for its historic and attractive city centre. Amersfoort is also known as the hometown of the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, and has a museum dedicated to his work (Mondriaanhuis).When you stroll through the city centre, you will discover a centuries-old street pattern and admire the many historic buildings and well-tended monuments.

Amersfoort draws more than a million day tourists every year, thanks to its beautiful city centre, lovely canals, great shopping opportunities, and welcoming terraces, cafés and restaurants. The Mondriaanhuis museum may be the cultural highlight of the city.

The city’s beer-brewing reputation dates back to the Middle Ages. With its many festivals and events, the city is always a lively place. Especially in summer, not a weekend goes by without a special event being organised.