“Living your life purpose means finding your own voice, finding that song that only you can sing. It’s finding your rhythm. It’s discovering how it feels walking in your shoes. Today it won’t look like it looked few years ago. Living your quest is: what can I do with my life so that my life becomes infectious to someone else? Living your quest looks like how do I make my fingerprint matters so big that it lives beyond my transition day? Living your quest is how can I forgive the perceivably unforgivable so I can love the absolute loveable? Living your quest is how to give yourself a thousand second chances. and every time you get to 999 press reset. Living your quest is not an ambiguous untouchable experience. Living your quest means going back and heal the little girl/boy in you so that a woman/man can be free. Living your quest is not something that you can touch, it is not something that requires a stage or lights or cameras. Living your quest is being completely content with whom you are in the dark of the night. Living your quest is as simple as it is complex. Living your quest is about giving yourself permission on a daily basis to become the next best version of yourself. Living your quest is not holding yourself hostage of old decisions, not holding yourself hostage of shame, guilt, regret, blame and anger. Living your quest is recognising that every day you can be reborn to your possibilities”.

Today I would like to introduce you to Lisa Nichols,one of my favourite motivators.
I recommend to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JLjnwuMcA8, a great motivational video on living your quest.