A mastermind group is a like minded group of women who meet regularly.

Amazing Women in Business Mastermind is meant for women who want to start their businesses. By bringing women together to share their expertise, knowledge and skills this group will help you stay on track and start building your business.

The members of Amazing Women in Business Mastermind are committed to sharing their creative ideas and help with common struggles and frustrations you might experience. They provide invaluable support and encourage you to keep going during the tough times.


This group will help you grow as an individual and business leader. You’ll make quicker progress in a more efficient way with a mastermind group compared to being left on your own at home, trying to figure it out by yourself!

Here are some ways the Amazing Women in Business Mastermind can help you:


To get you focused on the direction you want to point your life, including your business. You can go down so many different paths, but really there’s only a few things in your life that really move the needle towards where you really want to go. Let’s get clear on what you want. We will use guided meditations to unlock information from the unconscious mind. 

Be clear on your “why”. There may not be a more powerful motivating factor on the planet than knowing your true “why”. When you know in your soul why you get up every morning and fight for your dreams, you’ll never let anything get in your way of becoming the person you are meant to be.

Say NO

Learn to say NO. Make a detailed list of the things you are doing every day that don’t serve you and give yourself the permission to throw them out!

Full focus

Solve the obstacles you are facing. The power of an organized group can help solve any problem by finding the best possible solutions for any opportunity.

Mindset for success

Learn tools that will help you come out stronger, faster, smarter when unexpected realities happen in your life and business – when so many others go flat.

Face your fears

Usually the thing that scares you the most, is the one you have to conquer. Let’s face it head on and find out what your “one thing” is that can solve all your biggest fears and issues.

Setting Goals and Achieving them

An important part of a mastermind group is setting and achieving your goals. It’s about setting the right goal for you and making a clear action plan to make it a reality.

You know that working from home can provide many distractions. You can feel a bit lonely, losing focus and procrastinating.

Community – support, connection & friendship

Some days are better than others.

Working at home on your own does not help in the highs and lows you experience every day. Sometimes you just want someone.

You can share those moments with women who understand what the business journey is like. To share with women who understand what you’re experiencing. You will get to know these amazing women, and they will get to know your business. So that they can help guide you through those tough times and also share the highs with you.

Don’t underestimate the power of a supportive community, this is the best thing about Amazing Women in Business Mastermind.

You’re here to start your business. But… Make the journey more fun and connect with other members, they will soon be your friends.

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    Twice a month via Zoom.