This exclusive session is highly suitable for people who love personal development and are passionate about original (electronic) music played LIVE. This is organised as a small gathering in a luscious private villa in Amsterdam Zuid.

Get ready for an unforgettable and intimate music show and coaching experience with Ascension and internationally acclaimed Life Coach Daniela Russo. Daniela will reveal tips and methods for bringing out your very best, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Get connected to a special group of like-minded souls who are ready to share an afternoon of conscious connection with one another.

You will get inspired about how to overcome challenges, how to deal with a rapidly changing environment and how to remain true to yourself.

This private event is set in a warm living room type environment. During a 3 hour program you will be stimulated intellectually, emotionally, socially and creatively.


untitled imageThis unique and innovative concept brings together two worlds: Music & Self Development.

In the first part, Daniela will guide us through a 1,5 hour immersive coaching experience aimed at learning and getting inspired by each other and in order to better respond to major changes taking place in a positive and meaningful way. You’ll participate in a group exercise that will allow you to tap into your determination and creative powers within. 

The nature of this section is highly interactive and we hope you’ll find the courage to share some of your own life experience with the group.


untitled imageAfter learning invaluable tools for self transformation, we will end the coaching session with an inspiring guided meditation led by Daniela’s voice. This meditation will be accompanied on an amazing grand acoustic piano in 432HZ by Ascension.