Today we talk about how to get rid of the self-doubt.

If you have doubts about yourself It is probably because in the past you have made some wrong decisions and now you are afraid to make new decisions, because you do not trust yourself.

Is doubt a negative thing?

First of all, let’s talk about doubt. Doubt is not a bad thing. Doubt is what allows us to learn and to grow. For example, if you have the doubt whether you can drive or not, you don’t need to get into driving, you’d better learn first. When it comes to the ability to do something, doubt is just fine because it pushes us to learn more. It pushes us to grow. When it comes to self-doubt, ask yourself whether in the past you have taken decisions based on fear or when you were in survival mode. And then you regretted the decision you made.


Ask yourself: Did I make that decision when I was in survival mode and it was dictated by fear or I made it based on intuition? The problem is that we trust our fears and we doubt the intuition, while we need to act the other way around.

Decisions based on intuition are always the right ones. Decisions based on fear are the ones that lead us to make mistakes.

If you find yourself now, at a time when you have to make an important decision and you doubt yourself, start making a conversation with yourself.

Is it a decision that is based on intuition Or it is a decision based on fear? The decision that is based on fear is practically that part of yourself that wants to keep you safe, that wants to protect you because the brain is programmed for your survival.

Why you should not trust Fear

The brain does not like novelty. The brain is programmed to keep you safe.If you trust this part that is programmed to keep you safe, you will never grow. You will lways stay in the same circle. At the time of making a decision have a conversation with yourself. What is the part that is based on the fear and what is the part instead based on growing? And then trust what your intuition tells you and don’t trust what fear tells you. If you are thinking of quitting your job or staying. If you are thinking of ending a relationship or staying, make a distinction first of all within yourself: What intuition tells you and what fear tells you and then begin to take small steps toward the decision that your intuition tells you. Do you want to quit your job and start a new business? Are you afraid? Ask yourself: am I growing in this job? Will I grow in the new business? If the answer is yes, it is your intuition that pushes you toward a new activity. But you are afraid though, that’s perfectly fine, because you have your reasons. You begin to take steps toward the decision that is inspired by your intuition.

The rule is:

  1. Trust your instincts and don’t trust your fears and don’t do the other way around.
  2. Once you know what is the decision made by your instinct, you begin to take small steps toward that decision.

Watch the video in Italian with English subtitles.

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