How to find your passion

How to find your passion? Especially when you are not feeling motivated and don’t know what you want to do?

Many people struggle to find their own passions. And the truth is that what you want doesn’t happen to you manly because you don’t know what you want. Clarity on what you want should come first. Each one of us is unique. Each one of us has some gifts, and being happy consists in making available to others the gifts we have.

Everyone’s dream is being passionate about what we do, doing every day what we like. And you don’t have to think of passion as something particular, what is classified by society as “passion”. When people say: “Ah,yes, my friend can sing, another one can dance, another one can paint….. I don’t have this thing.”. Passion doesn’t have to be necessarily something artistic.  Your passion can also be being with your family, it can be cooking, it can be being with your children, it can be doing chores around the house….. Don’t get obsessed by what is considered passion by society. You must simply do what makes you feel good. Because when you do something that you enjoy, that makes you feel good, your brain produces happiness hormones. Your only goal should be to do things that allow your brain to release the happiness hormones. When you get into preconceived beliefs: “I have to like this or that ..”, it is not good.

Steps to find your passion – Passion-finding technique

1.Make a list of the things you like to do the most, the things that make you feel good.

What gives you energy? What are you good at? What kind of environment do you like to live in? What do people compliment you for? 

2.Write down at least ten things.

3.Take the first one. Compare it with the second one and choose the one which is more important. 

4.Once you have chosen the most important between the first and the second one, go to the third one. Compare the winner of the the first two with the third one and then the winner with the fourth, with the fifth, until you get to the end of the list.

5.You will have a list with three or four passions that are most important to you.

6.From this moment on, every time you are presented with a choice, an opportunity or a decision, you choose the option that brings you closer to one of these passions.

Passion exploration tips

If you don’t know how to choose, don’t worry too much about it. Pick one and move on. You don’t lose anything at this stage. It’s just a matter of having clarity. Choose things you have fun with and make you feel good.

While you do the exercise say to yourself: “this stage is about clarity and I don’t have to do nothing”. Some people are so scared to admit to themselves what they really like that the brain leaves them in panic. Don’t be fooled by the brain. Never trust the brain. It cheats you constantly. The brain is programmed for survival and will fill your head with fears. The brain doesn’t like new ideas. Whenever there is a new idea or things you haven’t considered before, it may cause you panic. Remind yourself that this stage is only about clarity, there will be time later to make choices.