Jeroen had reached all his goals (becoming a doctor, obtaining a PhD, successfully completing multiple Master degree programs) but still he was not happy.


Client: Jeroen

Duration of coaching: 4 months

Objective: to gain a better understanding of his priorities, a sort of roadmap, that can help him free himself from doubt and enable him to enjoy the things that he did in a more profound way.

Process: Tailored exercises and tools around: 

  • Self-sabotage thoughts: “This is not fulfilling. The next thing has to be more exciting”. ”Why can’ t anyone keep with me?”. “Feelings are distracting”.
  • Self-awareness
  • Clarify values, purpose and drives 
  • Set up routines to enhance creativity and energy
  • Meditation to take distance from the mind and get connected with his feelings

Results as reported by client:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Ability to switch from negative thoughts to more positive ones.
  • New sense of purpose
  • Increased emotional connection.

Daniela helped me gain clarity and define my purpose. I see things differently even if nothing has changed.