Why do I wanna gain capabilities? Why do I want more success? Why do I wanna achieve more? Most people really don’t know. They know on the surface level. And, when you can go from a surface level, from a mind thing, from thoughts on why you wanna be successful, to anchoring it in your heart with feelings and emotions, there’s nothing stopping you.

This next exercise is called “The Seven Levels Deep”. And I would bet to say this has made a bigger impact than any tool I’ll teach and maybe any other thing I’ve ever done. I teach it in all my programs. I share it with everybody I love, everybody I care about. Because it anchored me in my soul of why I do what it is that I do.

This is an exercise you need to do. I will take you through this exercise. I will show you what my answers were a couple of years ago. That’s what an impact it left on me, because it changed everything. My life has never been the same since I’ve done this exercise. It’s such a gift for you.

So, if you were with me right now, if you and I were sitting together face-to-face, and I was doing The Seven Levels Deep Exercise, and, I said to you; Why do you want to find a partner? Why do you want freedom in your life? You might tell me an answer.

And, The Seven Levels Deep is basically this, it’s asking why you want your previous answer, and why it’s important to you. The process is, the more you ask, why, from the previous answer, you get less in here, and you end up landing in your heart.

When I did this exercise my physiology changed. I had goosebumps when I got to my real why.

And there’ll be a moment as you go through this, you’ll feel it like a thud into your heart.

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