Imagine an activity that creates a deep connection with yourself and with others. Imagine an activity that enhances social relations between team members and motivates them to perform better. Teams need to develop an emotional bond, understand each other, help each other in times of need, collaborate and communicate effectively. This is where The Candlelight Coaching Experience comes in.

Candlelight Workshop
  • An exceptional way to improve motivation, solidarity, and communication among team members


  • A sensational approach to create a feeling of deep connection with yourself and others


  • A fun and useful activity to do in an amazing environment

“My wife Melissa and I participated in two workshops that were organised and led by Daniela. The workshops were aimed at providing clarity in life and career choices. Amongst the beautiful elements of the workshops was a guided meditation with live piano music. We absolutely loved that and it helped us to gain profound clarity in our past and future personal choices.”

Ferry Vos, Amsterdam


1. Group coaching session on a specific theme.

2. Group exercises on a specific theme

3. Guided meditation with LIVE piano performance.


The workshop takes place in an amazing villa in Amsterdam with grand piano + pianist who plays LIVE during the guided meditation.

A very intimate atmosphere will be created, with candles illuminating the room. 

For companies who work remotely this workshop is also available online.

For info and reservations send a mail to daniela@danielarussocoaching.nl or fill the contact form below:



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    Candlelight Workshop

    “During this session, Daniela gives you an understanding of how coaching works and offers simple but effective tools to help you spot the areas of your life that need attention. She is very spontaneous and able to put you at ease. Also interesting how the group of participants had some common stories which helps to have another point of view on life’s events.”

    Sara Pal, Amsterdam
    Candlelight workshop
    Candlelight workshop
    Happiness workshop




    My name is Daniela. I am a Life Coach, Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® (NLP) and I help people find back their motivation and happiness.


    The secret of Happiness: CLARITY

    The focus of the session will be on one of the keys to Happiness: CLARITY!

    Clarity means to get you focused on the direction you want to point your life and why you want what you want.

    In this busy world where you have too much, you have opportunity overload. You can go down so many different paths, but really there’s only a few things in your life that really move the needle towards where you really want to go, not when you’re being guided by so many outside forces.

    This inspiring session will help you set the intention and get laser focused where you want to go and why, especially in a world where you’re always looking where you don’t want to go.

    I will guide you to get clarity through talks, exercises and a guided meditation.

    The secret of Happiness: VALUES

    Are you ready to explore who you are?

    The focus of the session will be on one of the key to Happiness: VALUES!

    Honouring our values is the only way we can feel fulfilled, even when it is hard.

    Imagine you could do what brings you the greatest joy or deepest satisfaction: be with the people you love, use your natural talents, exploit your gifts to the fullest. That would be a picture of a person living according to what s/he values the most.

    This inspiring session will help you bring clarity into your values and create a map along your life.

    I will guide you to discover what is really important to you through talks, exercises and a guided meditation.

    As a result you will walk away knowing more of who you really are and in full alignment with your soul.