Are you making rest a high priority in your life? You might if you really know the benefits and importance of rest and relaxation.

If you are often tired or stressed, you may find this story interesting.

Once upon a time there was a woodcutter who applied to work at a timber company. The working conditions sounded good. He accepted the job and decided to leave a good impression.

The supervisor gave him an ax and showed him a particular area in the forest.

Thrilled the woodcutter went to work.

One day

In one day he chopped down eighteen trees.

“Congratulations,” said the supervisor. “Keep it up.”

Stimulated by the words of the supervisor, the woodcutter decided to surpass his results the next day. So he went to bed early that day.

The next morning he got up before everyone else and went into the woods.

Despite all the effort, he did not managed to cut more than fifteen trees.

The day after he awoke at dawn with the firm resolution to surpass his mark of eighteen trees today. He did not even manage half.

The next day there were only seven trees, and on the next day five trees. His last day he spent almost entirely cutting down a second tree.

Concerned about what the supervisor would say, the woodcutter stood before him, told him what had happened, and swore that he had worked till you drop.

The supervisor asked him, “When did you last sharpen your ax?”

“Sharpen the ax? I had no time for that, I was too busy cutting down trees“.

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