Your next level of life, love, income, abundance, joy, lives on the other side of your biggest fear. Or of your biggest pain. Or of your biggest obstacle.You might already know this, you may have already heard it, of course you have, but maybe this is the first time it sinks in.

And sometimes that fear, that obstacle, that pain, we didn’t realize that we’ve built this barricade. It’s almost like a dim light and you know it’s there but you’re not looking into it because it’s painful. And I’m going to encourage you to look into it. To take on your biggest fear head on. But I’m going to give you a new way, a new framework that’ll change that forever. The thing that scares you the most is the dragon that you need to slay.

One of my clients said her biggest problem was she was afraid to be on camera. She was afraid. She felt nervous. She listed all the things on why her business couldn’t grow without her being on camera. And then she went to the possible solutions. And she took video classes. She watched things on YouTube. She was trying to find her confidence. She was meditating. She was doing all this stuff to find her power.

When we thought through this exercise … You know what was “The one big thing” for her? To get her husband to support her. Every time she was going to do videos, he’d make fun of her, tell her she looked heavy on camera, she looked insecure on camera. He didn’t know how bad he was hurting her. Our whole thing was, how do you get your husband to support you? We got him to a next meeting. He got on board. All those other problems went away. She never thought in a million years that the one thing was that. Until she did this exercise. 

And I’m going to encourage you to do the same.

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