The Collective Wisdom tool is an absolute favourite. It’s a must. It’s probably a part of most every group life coaching program that exists. Every time there’s collective wisdom, collected genius in a room trying to solve a problem or go to the next level this is the tool that comes into play.

Now, I’m calling this tool “the spotlight tool”, because we’re going to put somebody under a spotlight. When you’re in a room of people that are in a similar niche or a similar genre, or have similar desires to where they want to go, or have similarities of where they been, they’ve solved problems that you’re currently facing.

They’ve also taken advantage of opportunities that you have on your horizon. What a spotlight does is that’s when you highlight one person, and you find out what their biggest obstacle is they’re facing, and collectively you solve it, or give them possible options to solve it. How do you seize it? How do you take advantage of it? You let the group collectively, along with you, give tools, give strategies, give exact paths that they’ve used. Here’s the cool part about this tool. You will be on the spotlight. It’s really simple. The first question is, what’s the biggest problem you’re facing?

The group will suggest some possible solutions to your problem.

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