Imagine you could do what brings you the greatest joy or deepest satisfaction: be with the people you love, use your natural talents, exploit your gifts to the fullest.

That would be fulfilling.

This is a picture of a person living according to what he or she values most.

The link between values and fulfillment is obvious.

We will talk about life values and why is important to know which values are relevant for us.

What are values?

A value is something that is really important to us. 

Strange but true: most people don’t know their values. They think they know but they don’t. 


Because we are so influenced and brainwashed by family, society, religion, mass media, that we start adopting their values thinking they are ours.

And we live our life pursuing those values until one day we realize that we are not fulfilled and we don’t understand why.

Furthermore, If I ask you “what do you value the most?”, you might answer: “love, family, money…”. Of these, love is the real value you are pursuing, the emotional state you desire. Family and money are only means. in other words, they are simply a way for you to reach the emotional state you really desire.

If i ask you: ‘what does family give you?” you might say: “love, security, happiness”. What you truly value is love, security and happiness.

Similarly, with money, I could ask you “what does money really mean to you? what does it give you?”. You might say “Freedom, security, power, or maybe recognition”. Again, you see, money is merely a means to achieving a much deeper set of emotions that you desire to experience.

Often, people are so busy pursuing means values that they don’t achieve their true desire: their ends values. 

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