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“Daniela is a very special person with great vibes, she is energetic and at the same time wise and calming. She gave me some very valuable life lessons on how to live a more balanced life. Moreover, she taught me to retain my energy during the day, which was a weak spot, especially during these online (covid-19) times. I would definitely recommend doing a coaching track with her!”

Robert de Wilde, Business Coach, Amsterdam



“I went there as I was depressed and lost with my self and I didn’t know what to do. Then I found Daniela and it has been a fantastic journey. She totally understood what to do and how to guide me to the Happiness again with her way to talk to me and following her tips and exercises I totally found my self and my confidence in everything, I totally recommend her. She is the best thing you need if in need or lost!!!! ❤️ Grazie..”

Marcello Gigante, Chef, Amsterdam


“Daniela helped me a lot after my painful separation to find the courage to react in a timely manner, something that I would never have been able to do alone. After having observed, analyzed and listened to me with the right empathy, she challenged me with a series of constructive criticisms regarding my character and the way I make my choices, giving me a push at the right time.
With her help I was able to bring out the best in me and one month after the therapy I can say that life is really full of generous surprises, that nothing happens by chance and that what seemed negative yesterday can become positive today. You just need to be really open to the most beautiful things life can offer you!”

Daniela Migliarini, Tour Guide, Amsterdam



“Excellent communicator. She helped me in a moment of indecision to take the best path. Very knowledgable person, with a lot of positivity. Highly recommended!!!”

Francesco Di Tursi, Logistics, Garda lake



“The life coaching from Daniela is a lot of fun and it’s an eye opener. She really helped me recognize my saboteurs and become more aware of them using different exercises. It can be a bit confronting so you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone in order to make a change. But Daniela is so sweet that it really helps to be honest and take steps you wouldn’t have made otherwise.”

Sander van Liempd, Software Developer, Amsterdam



“My experience with Daniela was great in order to achieve fully mindfulness of my situation and be able to react and break my negative thoughts. I was handling issues about my life in The Netherlands (weather, Dutch culture, etc.) and also job wise. She gave me the tools to step back, understand what I wanted to make decisions (lesson learnt from Daniela: most of the people struggle to make decisions). I enrolled the coaching without high expectations and almost 7 months after finishing it, I must say my life changed quite a bit: I changed my job and my daily life is much more meaningful. It is not that the Dutch weather improved, but I learnt to enjoy the cloudy days or at least handle them in a different way 🙂 I am thankful to Daniela to help me to find the right tools to think and make the decisions that sometimes we are not brave enough to tackle. In short, I highly recommend Daniela for a life check, it is not needed to have an issue, maybe you are just stuck and need a small push to wake up.”

Jose Luis Belert Hueso, Engineer, Amsterdam



“I found Daniela through online searches and… I couldn’t have not found anyone better than her! Of course for me the fact that we speak the same language is a plus.. just another plus of all the other positive aspects. I was a bit stuck and I needed someone to help me and guide me through a change or the beginning of a change. I needed something new and different, another approach. And this was the best I could find! She is very professional, committed, passionate, and also very funny. She has a big heart and takes your matter to the next level. By the means of very practical tips – exactly what I needed!- and amazing exercises that make you aware of all the tools yourself have to solve your problems.. at least to start changing! I took the 7 meetings package and now that I have only one left, I’m a bit sad ( in a positive way) bit also ready to go! I discovered so many things that make me happy.. t was so say, I just needed someone to help me see! Highly recommended.”

Chiara di Falco, Entrepreneur, Amsterdam


“Daniela is a wonderful coach, she made me aware of my limiting beliefs, and helped me to change perspective. And all of this in a cozy environment, sitting on a comfi couch and drinking coffee 🙂 Even though I am a therapist too, and I do a lot of inner work, her help was absolutely needed for solving some problems in my private life!”

Marianna Kocsány, Psycologist, Amsterdam



Daniela is very supportive, but can also be critical when necessary. Her program is designed nicely and consists of multiple very supportive tools. Even when you do not have a very clear, well-defined question to work on, I am sure that taking on Daniela as a coach can benefit you in some way.

Wilco Perini, Doctor, Amsterdam



“Daniela Russo is a very intelligent and change-maker coach. I appreciate that she truly cares your results. Also She has a remarkably good concentration ability which makes a difference.”

Alexandra Balkan, Healer, Istanbul



“There are periods of life when you feel dissatisfied from multiple points of view, in work, in feelings, in relationships with the family and others. It is in these phases that relying on an experienced coach can help you get out of the stuckness from where you are not able to go out alone. Daniela is a wonderful person, full of positive energies, an expert and able to follow you step by step in the complex path of self-knowledge, in understanding your true goals, your strengths and the one to work on to achieve a clear improvement of your life, helping you to plan an effective strategy to achieve success, ie the pursuit of your goals, gaining greater confidence in your abilities. With me it worked great, I feel reborn, I found energy and desire to do, I look at my life with different eyes. Thanks, Daniela!”

Riccardo Ceci, HR Manager, Rome



“I have known Daniela since university and since then she has been my talisman. I let her accompany me to the exams because she was able to give the right energy to make you feel good and energized. Daniela is the right person to talk to when you are down, because she is able to make you feel good even in that moment; she is a positive person who conveys positivity; cheerful, which infects you with her cheerfulness and energy, which gives you energy even when you are “off”. She is a person I admire because she is the first to always cheer herself up even in the darkest moments and as far as I know her she has been through a lot, but she has always stood up with her head up and always for the better and this reaction of hers is contagious. Daniela is a person to take an example from.”

Maria Antonietta Quaranta, IT Manager, Milan



“I was full of fears and insecurities and thanks to Daniela I found confidence in myself. Thanks.”

Andrea Bolognesi, Manager, Bologna



“I went to Daniela to receive suggestions and strategies to pursue my goals and I feel very satisfied. I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle. Very good!!”

Rosa Maria Spampinato Vitale, Teacher, Bologna



“What can I say? Simply fabulous 😊 Daniela is a pro in giving you good vibes. Bravissima.”

Magda Novelli, Teacher, Miami



Source: Google Reviews



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