Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive. Did it ever happen to you that you are super busy and the more you try to do the more you get stressed? When you are stressed, it means that a lot of cortisol is circulating in your body, which basically inhibits all the higher functions of your body. Only the organs essential to survival keep functioning and the ability to learn and to observe get totally blocked. You can focus only on the details. There is a big difference between being productive and being busy. If you are super busy, you are stressed. Instead of continuing working, STOP. And try to connect with yourself, because when you act from a place of abundance you can go ahead. If you act from a place of scarcity, as in the case of stress, you are empty inside, and you cannot give anything. How do you connect deeper with yourself? Everyone has their own way. Some people pray, some people do meditation. Other people go to nature or spend time with animals, other people listen to personal growth videos. Everyone has their own method. If you find yourself in a time of stress and you are unable to move forward, leave what you are doing and find and cultivate the practice that connects you the most to yourself. At that point you will begin to have insights. You will begin to know with certainty what your next steps are. Once you get clarity on the steps, you are ready to do so many things as you have never done before.

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