I was born in a small village in the South of Italy. My parents believed in education, therefore I grew up with one mission: study, study, study and … study. There was little space for playing, for fun, for friends, for boyfriends, the only focus was studying and finding a good job. This focus would look good for many people, but it had one major flaw: I was never allowed to be myself and do what I really wanted. When I went to therapy many years later and I was asked “what did you like to do when you were a child?” I could barely remember. I only remembered myself playing the piano and sitting for hours listening to classical music or spending days alone in my room drawing a fantasy world of beautiful princesses from centuries ago. Is this what children like instead of playing outside with other kids?
I became a successful lawyer and I was not happy. Then I went to work in humanitarian aid organizations with the idea that saving the world would fulfill me, and still I missed something. Then I thought that having a family and kids would fill the gap and still I was not completely satisfied.
Once I reached all the goals that I thought would make me happy, I realized that this was not the case. What next then?
I went to therapy for many years. I found out that my sense of solitude and emptiness was caused by the unconscious belief that I was not good enough. And I started to be fascinated by how the human mind works. I studied, read books, did many courses and on this path of self-development I found my life mission: to help people in their quest for meaning. To help people find their true potential and embrace who they really are.

Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
NLP Practioner
Life coach (INEMLA)
Social and Emotional and Intelligence coach (INEMLA)
Organization and Relationship System Coaching Fundamentals (ICF)
Reiki Practitioner level I & II

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